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Since 1968 , We are distributor for fuel and oils for Mobil and Shell and wireropes imported from Holland. In 1980, We distribute oils and Wireropes to Logging contractors and timber factory in Kelantan, Pahang and other states.

In 2007, Alivirgo is established with 2 factories in the same location Rawang Integrated Industrial Park north of Kuala Lumpur

Our Mission

To provide products and services at its best prices. We are adopting innovative and ecological friendly way in logistics and other aspects to reduce carbon footprints.

We diversify into new areas in near future

• We establish manufacture if it is Eco-friendly products
• Construction Eco building with produce own water and electricity
• Reduce carbon footprints trading and distribution networks
• Emergency response services and decontamination
• Export Malaysia products and services and recycle related machineries
• Collaborate with other manufacturers to enable high quantity supply with QC control manage by our laboratory teams


Presently we operated in 3 locations

• Oils and Recycle Factories in Rawang near Kuala Lumpur

• Wireropes and chain factories in Selayang and Masai Johor Bahru near Singapore

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