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Alivirgo Sdn Bhd Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Our Plant & Laboratory


We offer in the following products and services in our business

• Oils, Fuels & Lubricants Petrochemicals in various brand

• Recycled Oils & Solvents and other materials for second grade market

• Wireropes, 2 Legged, 4 Legged chains assembly for lifting in crane & construction sites

• Automotive Acid Batteries for car & lorry

• Recycle of scheduled wastes such as oils, Solvent, Chemicals, Rags, E-Waste & Sludges

Lubricants Blending

Factory name Johnson Lubes is blending automotive lubricants. Our home brand is AL Lube.
We supply full range of petroleum products in lubricants. We can provided high end lubricants and grease like specialty, biodegradable and fire resistant & calcium sulfonate grease (max temperature 350 C).
We are distributor for Petronas, Castrol & Fuches (Metal Working Fluid MWF)

Lubricants and Solvent Product

Scheduled Wastes Recycling

Waste Oil Recycling

• Factory name Alivirgo Recycle is recycling waste oils, solvent, discarded chemicals, acid and alkaline, rags, filters, sludges and the like.
• We produce Recycled Base Oils for second grade greases, Lubricants and Preservative, Fuel Oils for furnace, Boilers and Marine Ship.
• We also collect other scheduled wastes such as rags, sludges, E-wastes, Chemicals, containers for recycling in our group of recyclers in our panel

Our Fully Synthetic Engine Oil Benefits

• Save 5 To 10% Fuel

• Longer Oil Change Interval

• Effective Sludge Control

AL Lube Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

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